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Earthwalker (A Time Lapse Effort) (世界縮時)

Collection of time lapses I’ve done over the past year traveling the world. I hope you all enjoy it!


Blood Moon Rising

October 8th, 2014 blood moon from Taitung, Taiwan.

「鱷魚」英文 老外20秒後的反應超展開


Having fun with friends: An educational video.

遇見‧幸福臺東 – 看看大海

遇見‧幸福臺東 – 咫尺之美,何處是也?

Shams, Shoghi – GAPS Multimedia Specialist

Focus Group Discussion on Early Warning and Effective Response for the Prevention of Mass Atrocities in Uganda

The Unexpected Bucket Challenge

Our version of the Ice Bucket Challenge; The Unexpected Bucket Challenge.

Fragile Feet Keep It Simple