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What a view! Look at you Montreal!


10 Things You Never Thought Could Happen In Montreal Yet Actually Did

Igloofest in Lapse

My first ever time lapse experiment.. forgot my intervalometer. All done manually by hand. Igloofest, Montreal, 2014.

New York in Lapse

Time lapse and hyperlapse experiments in New York. April, 2014.

Star Lapse 2.0

Star time lapse experiment in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. March, 2014.

The Drive

The Drive (DIY Car Mount Test) from Shoghi Shams on Vimeo.

First road test using a home made, low budget DIY dSLR car mount.

About Shoghi

Born Edmonton, Canada in 1984. Moved to Taipei, Taiwan in 1988 and that is where I spent most of my childhood and youth. From the age of 17 to date, I haven’t called one place home and have been on the move consistently. I enjoy life on the road.

I am an amateur photographer and filmmaker. It is my creative outlet and a source of great passion and joy. Bachelors of Commerce, Business Management major. Wouldn’t quite call that a passion.

Feel free to comment or connect with me. I am always interested in meeting new talent and getting feedback. Enjoy!

Hellhound (2013)

My first short film. 2013.