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Earthwalker (A Time Lapse Effort) (世界縮時)

Collection of time lapses I’ve done over the past year traveling the world. I hope you all enjoy it!


「鱷魚」英文 老外20秒後的反應超展開


Having fun with friends: An educational video.

遇見‧幸福臺東 – 看看大海

遇見‧幸福臺東 – 咫尺之美,何處是也?

Shams, Shoghi – GAPS Multimedia Specialist

The Unexpected Bucket Challenge

Our version of the Ice Bucket Challenge; The Unexpected Bucket Challenge.

About Shoghi

Born Edmonton, Canada in 1984. Moved to Taipei, Taiwan in 1988 and that is where I spent most of my childhood and youth. From the age of 17 to date, I haven’t called one place home and have been on the move consistently. I enjoy life on the road.

I am an amateur photographer and filmmaker. It is my creative outlet and a source of great passion and joy. Bachelors of Commerce, Business Management major. Wouldn’t quite call that a passion.

Feel free to comment or connect with me. I am always interested in meeting new talent and getting feedback. Enjoy!

Hellhound (2013)

My first short film. 2013.

Delivery at the O.K. Corral (2013)

My second short film. 2013.